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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and lead the growth of a culture of volunteerism in the community.

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Our Vision

Engaged and vibrant communities built on the cornerstone of volunteerism.

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Our History

  • 2008 - A Volunteer Steering Committee was established by Kings Regional Development Agency.

  • 2011 - The Volunteer Steering Committee conducted a feasibility study for a Volunteer Centre in Kings County.

  • 2012 - Two-year funding was acquired from the federal government for a Project Manager.

  • 2013 - Official announcement of Funding from Human Resource Skills Development Canada at Acadia University. Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce took on the Kings Volunteer Resource Centre Project after the closing of the Kings RDA. The official location of the Centre was acquired (87 Cornwallis Street). Received funding from Labour & Advanced Education for software.

  • 2014 - Official Launch to the public and Open House of the Kings Volunteer Resource Centre. Hosted first International Café in partnership with the Immigration Steering Committee. Pilot Project completed, and Project Staff finish contracts.

  • 2015 - Advisory committee continues the transition process to re-organize after Project-end and proceed to incorporation. KVRC is incorporated as a legal, not-for-profit organization. Part-time Coordinator hired.

  • 2016 - KVRC becomes a registered charity by CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

  • 2017  KVRC Office moves from Kings County Municipal Complex to County Fair Mall space ( opposite Maritime Travel).

  • 2018  KVRC begins a volunteer organization/ volunteer online linking website for Nova Scotia project; “VolunteerNS”, in conjunction with Volunteer Canada and the Province of Nova Scotia, with the Official Launch in November.

Our Diversity Policy


Kings Volunteer Resource Centre (KVRC) is committed to building communities that value and celebrate all their members, and to actively addressing barriers to full participation both in the work of the Centre itself, and the organizations it supports.


KVRC is committed to modeling the principles of diversity and inclusiveness in its organizational structure and functioning; as well as in Board and committee membership, staffing, and programming. It believes that diverse organizations are healthy and more effective organizations. It will act to ensure that management and administrative practices are equitable, respectful and supportive of all its members. Intercultural sensitivity and experience will be assets valued in Board, staff and volunteer recruitment.


KVRC will not discriminate against any personnel (Board, staff, volunteer, applicant) because of race, nationality, religion, creed, color, sex, age, marital status, family relationship, parental status, ethnic or national origin, political beliefs, membership or non-membership in a union, sexual orientation, gender identification, or physical or mental disability (providing such disability does not preclude the individual from carrying out expected duties).


KVRC will provide a work environment free from discrimination and harassment.

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