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Third Annual KVRC Symposium 2018


We are happy to announce the date has been set for our 4th Annual Volunteer Leadership Symposium!

Mark your calendars for Wednesday May 15th, 2019


Have a look at some photos from our last Symposium below.

Our Volunteer Leadership Symposium took place on May 16th 2018 and was a wonderful success.


Thankful to Laura Churchill Duke and The Annapolis Valley Register for this great article covering the Symposium and the Value of Volunteering:

























Our wonderful volunteers at the Registration Desk kept things organized and greeted everyone with a smile.























Our Key Note Speaker, Paula Speevak from Volunteer Canada, speaking about the Value of Volunteerism.























Eastlink graciously came and taped the Key Note Speech.  They then aired it on their Podium TV program.  Eastlink is a true champion of volunteering in our community.
















Here is just a sampling of some of the items Symposium Participants are going to take action on because of their day of skill building with us.  Exciting stuff!












































Remember to register at the link above for the May 15, 2019 Symposium!

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