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A Little Learning All Around with some Great People at Acadia

Invited to be part of Acadia's Lifelong Learning Fall Schedule

Walking onto Acadia Campus in the middle of Fall has an energy all it's own. The campus itself is aesthetically beautiful at any time of year but is at it's peak in Autumn. Not to speak of the hustle and bustle of youth and professors and staff all around. But on October 11th I didn't have the luxury of 'meandering about the quad', I had to get to Classroom 237 - where I had been given the honor of presenting to folks who attend the Acadia Lifelong Learning Series.

We were privileged to be asked to be a part of their Fall Line Up this year and I had the best time sharing about our programs, workshops and of course Volunteer NS, the provincial website we host at

The group had great questions, and although it's hard not to be intimated by a theatre style classroom at a University, (lol) I think they all appreciated the information and I know I appreciated their interaction and engaged manner. I left not only raising a little more awareness about KVRC and VNS, but also with a few laughs, some new contacts and even a some networking opportunities to follow up with. Who can ask for more than that on a Fall Friday afternoon?

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