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Who is Volunteering Where in Kings County?

Volunteer Profile #1

Who: Patty

Where: SPCA Kings County Branch

Patty is a huge softie when it comes to animals. She is at a point in her life where her “nest” is empty and she finds herself with more time than she used to have when her children were attending school and she had been so involved in their education and extracurricular activities.

She loves volunteering at the SPCA because “everyone here is always so appreciative of the time we give. We are treated like family.”

She says sometimes the work can seem overwhelming – there are so many animals in need - but she sees the direct benefits of her work every time she finishes a shift. “The volunteers here provide so many extra hands … and extra hands make light work and they can make such a difference in an animals life.”

She also jokes that she “enjoys it there because after raising kiddos, animals don’t talk back – they listen and they are always happy to see you!”

Patty suggests if you think you may be interested in volunteering with the SPCA to come down and visit them! It is a place for everyone. And don’t assume that the expectations are more than you can give because there are lots of things to be done – a large variety of tasks - big and small.

She also asks you to remember that everybody can spare even a little bit of time – and here is a place where a little bit of time gives you a HUGE benefit for the work.

Finally, she does jokingly remind you that you do have to be careful not to take your work home with you …. literally 😊!

Thank you to Patty and the SPCA for having me visit them. If you are interested in having one of your amazing volunteers profiled on our website, contact Karrie-Ann at

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