Wednesday April 27th 2022
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm 

About the Workshop
Volunteers are the lifeblood of our communities. Thousands of people give their time and skills to make life better for their friends and neighbors. Almost all community organizations tell us that they are struggling to recruit new volunteers and keep the ones they have. Join Max Chauvin and Karrie-Ann Wilkie to find out what is happening in the volunteer community, how we can make recruitment and retention a little easier, and what resources are available to help.
A ZOOM link will be forwarded to you the day before the workshop upon registration.

About the Presenter
Max Chauvin will facilitate. Karrie-Ann Wilkie will contribute.
Since 2002 Max has helped community organizations focus , achieve extraordinary success and transform their communities. He has been honored twice by Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second for community leadership and volunteerism. Max is a nationally certified trainer and facilitator and holds both an MBA and an MSc in Strategic Planning. Those who have worked with Max Chauvin know he will provide tough love when required and will do everything he can to ensure that each group achieves its potential.

About the New Nominal Fee
KVRC had always been committed to offering our Workshops Free of Charge.  However since beginning our Virtual Education Workshops (due to COVID) while we have experienced a boom in registrations, we unfortunately also experiences a very significant drop out rate (minus any regrets) often leaving empty seats and potential waiting lists unable to be addressed. 
To try and reduce this drop off rate we are charging a nominal $5 fee per person.   Anyone who is unable to pay, for any reason, simply contact our Coordinator at coordinator@kingsvolunteerresourcecentre.ca and we will happily cover any registration costs for your attendance.
This Workshop would not be possible without the support of Mud Creek Rotary and their commitment to KVRC and our community.

Register at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/306368495417