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Volunteer Symposium 2023

Following a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19, Kings Volunteer Resource Centre (KVRC) hosted another successful symposium in spring 2023. Focused on the interests of impact organizations, volunteers and board members, this full-day symposium took place at NSCC Kingstec Campus May 17 with a keynote presentation, workshops and networking opportunities over lunch.

The theme, Embracing our Lessons Learned from Covid-19, focused on new opportunities for voluntary organizations to serve individuals and communities, as well as challenges still needing to be addressed.

Annika Voltan, Executive Director of Community Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia (IONS), delivered the keynote address entitled, What Did COVID-19 Show Us About the NS Community Impact Sector and Where Do We Go From Here? 

Annika Voltan, Executive Director, IONS

During the pandemic, the Community Impact Sector in Nova Scotia showed time and again that it plays a critical role in delivering services and providing supports to communities across the province. Over the past two years, IONS conducted several sector surveys about the impacts of COVID-19, capacity development needs, and the overall state of the sector in Nova Scotia. The information collected through these surveys, combined with stories shared through community conversations, has helped shed light on what emerged as new opportunities and what challenges have persisted. This is a point in time to think together about how to continue the momentum about raising awareness of our value and contributions as a sector, and to think about how we can work differently to address the barriers standing in the way of our collective impact.


The theme carried through in workshops on advocating for social justice, recruiting volunteers, supporting diversity, adapting and collaborating to address uncertainty, the efficiencies implemented by the Red Cross during the pandemic, and protecting and promoting human rights.

Sessions included:


  • Forced Efficiencies: The Upside of Volunteer Management in The Pandemic


  • Uncertainty as a Constant: Finding Ways to Thrive Through Adaptability and Collaboration


  • Volunteer Recruitment - The Next Step - Creating a Detailed Strategy


  • Effective Advocacy for Social Justice Issues


  • Protecting and Promoting Human Rights: A New Mandate for the Volunteer Sector


  • Breaking Barriers: An Introduction to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) tools and the Municipality’s Strategic Plan for Belonging



The Kings Volunteer Resource Centre extends many thanks to all presenters, the volunteers who helped in planning the symposium, and to all attendees.


Please join us again for our next Volunteer Symposium in May 2024!

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