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Upcoming Kings Volunteer Resource Centre Workshops


We are excited to announce that our next workshop Do We Really Need Policy For That? Practical Guidance For Community-Based Organizations, will be live-streamed Wednesday, April 24, 2024, at 7 pm.

Policy Webinar.png

About the Workshop:

The importance of appropriate policy for community-based not-for-profit agencies is often not appreciated until problems occur. The workshop will be based on case studies followed by group questions and discussion. The case studies, based on actual board experiences, will identify the role of specific policies, and illustrate how policy can be used to strengthen organizations and avoid (sometimes serious) problems. The workshop will include tips on how to get started in policy development and review, and provide guidance on how to avoid common pitfalls. While policy development can feel overwhelming or confusing, this workshop aims to support organizations as move forward in developing or revising policies appropriate for their organization.

About the Presenters:

Sarah Bowen, PhD and Jacqueline MacDonald, PhD. Both Sarah and Jackie bring extensive experience with a variety of boards – as Board members, as policy developers, and as consultants on policy development.

Register now on Eventbrite here.

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