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Upcoming Kings Volunteer Resource Centre Workshops


KVRC Workshop series Fall/Winter 2023-2024


The Kings Volunteer Resource Centre (KVRC) is presenting Board Boot Camp, a series of workshops throughout the fall and winter focusing on voluntary boards.


Board Recruitment - part 1

Looking for new ideas on how to recruit for your Board? How are successful Boards attracting members today? What skills do you need your Board members to bring to the table?


Date: Thursday, October 26, 2023

Time: 7 – 8:30 pm

Location: Virtual via zoom 

Registration: via Eventbrite (beginning Oct 5)

Cost: $5

(Fee may be waived upon request of participant)


About the facilitator:


Max Chauvin is a nationally certified speaker, consultant, and facilitator with over 25 years of senior management and governance experience in a variety of organizations. 


Max has worked both in government and community around such social issues as homelessness, health care, equity, accessibility, diversity and inclusion, poverty, and food insecurity. Max holds an MSc and an MBA, with specialisms in strategic planning.


Through his company, Chauvin Resource Development Group, Max offers training in planning, staff and volunteer management, and board governance.  Through both public and private workshops Max is committed to providing people and their organizations with exciting new ideas and tools that make a real difference and are easy to use.   


Max’s workshops have been described as funny, full of energy, challenging, thought provoking, and packed with practical information.  He has worked with a variety of groups including Recreation Nova Scotia, Halifax Regional Municipality, Community Health Boards, Real Estate Institute of Canada, Girl Guides of Canada, Nova Scotia Recreation Professionals in Health, Canadian Cancer Society, Literacy Nova Scotia and the Go for Green Initiative.

Max has been a facilitator at the Kings Volunteer Resource Centre’s annual Volunteer Symposium and has delivered various other workshops for KVRC over the past several years.


Board Recruitment - part 2

Understanding the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in volunteerism today and the relationship to recruitment of voluntary boards.

Date: Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Time: 7 – 8:30 pm

Location: Virtual via zoom 

Registration: via Eventbrite (beginning Oct 5)

Cost: $5

(Fee may be waived upon request of participant)


About the facilitators:

Jason Blanch is the Volunteer Resources Consultant for Nova Scotia Health (NSH) in Cumberland County and has been in this role for 2.5 years. Jason is a member of Nova Scotia Health’s Northern Zone Diversity Committee as well as the lead for Nova Scotia Health’s Volunteer Services Provincial EDIRA (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Reconciliation and Accessibility) working group.


Jason has some two decades of experience with environmental nonprofit organizations and grass roots political organizing that involved volunteer recruitment and organizing. He has a long history focused on social justice that has included some wonderful examples of critical allyship as well as some examples that strayed into white saviorism. Allyship consists of action and learning, and the process is continuous. Jason’s focus today is on finding a balance between recruiting equity deserving volunteers and striving to define and create safe space for those who have felt vulnerable within the health care system. Brave spaces are equally important, spaces where we can own our bias and grow our understanding.


In this workshop and always, Jason seeks to balance safe and brave spaces where we can become community.


In his free time Jason is often on the water surfing, kayaking and sailing or embracing adventures with his family, which consists of his wife Julie and two teenage children.


Cyril MacDonald is the Volunteer Resources Consultant for Nova Scotia Health (NSH), based in Cape Breton, covering the eastern side of the island. Cyril has been in his role for nearly three years and in this time has joined forces on the Eastern Zone EDIRA group, the provincial Accessibility Committee, as well as the lead for the Volunteer Services, Recruitment, Retention and Recognition working group.


Cyril believes everything we do in our day-to-day needs to focus on our most marginalized populations, which is why he has dedicated the last 15 years of his young life to working with, and advocating for, persons with disabilities. Through his work with Special Olympics and other organizations serving adults with intellectual disabilities, Cyril has learned what an important part everyone plays in our society and our lives. While much of his work focuses on recruitment, retention and recognition, he is always mindful of the environment in which his volunteers will work, and ensure they are safe and supported no matter what role they venture into.


When Cyril is not working at NSH, he can be found advocating for his community at the CBRM council table, enjoying down time with his wife Kailin, and two daughters, Zoey and Quinnleigh, or out for a run.

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