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Volunteer Symposium 2024

We are excited to announce that this years Volunteer Leadership Symposium 'Meeting The Moment' will take place on Wednesday, May 15 from 9 am to 3:30 pm at the Nova Scotia Community College - Kingstec Campus in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Doors open at 8:30 am.

PowerPoint Presentations:



This year's Keynote Speaker is Dr. Megan Conway, President & CEO, Volunteer Canada. With 20 years of diverse leadership roles in government and the charitable, voluntary and academic sectors, Megan has been recognized for her ability to scale innovation, to use evaluative thinking to build and adapt programs, and as a systems change champion. Volunteer Canada, 2024, {Volunteer Canada/Our Staff} 


Keynote Speaker:

The National Volunteer Action Strategy (NVAS): Dr. Megan Conway, Volunteer Canada.

In her keynote presentation, Dr. Megan Conway, President and CEO of Volunteer Canada, will delve into the National Volunteer Action Strategy (NVAS) and explore avenues to enhance its impact. Dr. Conway will unpack the intent, objectives, and desired outcomes of the NVAS, offering valuable insights into how local communities can actively participate in mobilizing for broader change. By attending her presentation, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to strengthen volunteer infrastructure nationwide and foster a deeper understanding of how collective efforts can propel meaningful change.


Morning Workshops:

Panel 1: Supporting More Inclusive Volunteering - Volunteers come with a range of skills, abilities and talents. Strategic changes to volunteer programs can open the door to potential volunteers who may not have been involved in your organization in the past. The members of this panel will share some ideas and perspectives about how to make volunteering more inclusive based on their own life experiences.

Unlocking Efficiency: How AI Can Turbocharge Your Non-Profit - Ever wondered how your non-profit could be supercharged with the magic of AI? Learn to get more done with less effort. This presentation will dive deep into the world of AI, especially ChatGPT, and how it can totally revolutionize the way your organization works. 


Five Hacks for Good Governance - This Workshop Presentation review the following five points and more for good governance including:

  • The Amazing Board Calendar

  • A friendly “Chair Check-in”

  • Your own “Rules of Order “

  • Guest in the Boardroom Guide

  • An alternative to “do you have any questions?” 

Putting the Fun into Fundraising:  An Overview of the Key Success Factors to Effective and Respectful Fundraising -   This sessions will discuss strategies to build a base of support and develop relationships, the key to all successful fundraising efforts, along with an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of fundraising initiatives to determine whether they may align with your organization.

Afternoon Workshops:

Panel 2: Volunteering Across the Lifespan - Volunteering is something you can do at any age but the type of volunteering you choose, how you learn about volunteer opportunities and the benefits you hope get from volunteering can change across the life span. In this workshop volunteers of different ages will share their stories about why they are volunteering and what organizations recruiting volunteers might want to consider when seeking volunteers of various ages.

Recruiting Volunteers in a time of Crisis - As a follow up to her Keynote earlier, Dr. Megan Conway will talk about recruitment at a time of crisis.

Legal Liability for Not-for Profits and discussion of the NS Volunteer Protection Act - Board members and prospective board members of community organizations sometimes worry about their exposure to personal liability if something happens with the organization while they are serving on the board. This session dispel some myths and misinformation and will explain Nova Scotia’s Volunteer Protection Act and its important role in non-profit board governance.

Planning a Board Meeting - Do you find your Board or Committee meetings are in need of some improvement to make them more effective so you can get more done in the time available. During this workshop Max Chauvin will present different strategies to planning and designing effective meetings so that more will be accomplished during this important part of each not for profit ‘s organization’s successful operations.

Door Prizes & Closing:

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