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Meeting the Moment

The Kings Volunteer Resource Centre (KVRC) is inviting you to join them in celebrating all the unsung heroes.

National Volunteer Week, April 14- 20, is a time to celebrate and thank Canada’s 24 million volunteers. This year’s theme, Meeting the Moment, highlights the importance of every volunteer and each contribution made at a moment when many are facing the most need.

Angela Patterson, chair of the KVRC Board of Directors, says that the everyday heroes who share their time, skills, empathy, and creativity are vital to the inclusivity, strength, and well-being of our communities.

“Volunteers are key to overcoming the challenges our communities are now facing,” she said. “Together, we can meet the moment. Whenever we work together, we increase our collective impact and contribute to the quality of life we cherish.”

To mark National Volunteer Week, KVRC is pleased to announce Meeting The Moment as this year’s theme for its annual Volunteer Leadership Symposium being held on May 15 at NSCC Kingstec Campus.

“We are thrilled that Dr. Megan Conway, of Volunteer Canada will be our keynote speaker,” she said. “And we are offering a number of timely workshops to empower volunteer organizations with the knowledge and information they need to support their volunteers and the vital work being done.”

The sessions range from exploring legal liabilities, to utilizing AI for marketing; to introducing new strategies for recruitment and fundraising. Panel discussion will explore issues surrounding supporting inclusive volunteering and volunteering across the lifespan.

“We believe that engaged and vibrant communities are built on the cornerstone of volunteerism.” She added, “KVRC is committed to inspiring a culture of volunteerism in our communities, and our mission is to offer the vital resources needed to facilitate this growth.”

In the weeks leading up to the symposium, we will highlight each session to offer additional information to help people choose the sessions that are most relevant to the needs of their organization.

Tickets to the full day symposium are available here $15 and this price includes lunch.

Registration is now open on Eventbrite - here.

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